Sale of a Company

San Francisco's financial district.


Baker Pacific will lead the team to package the client company, locate acquirers, and evaluate and execute a transaction to sell the company.

  • Planning and Targeting

    Assist with decision of whether to sell and optimal timing. Determine most promising sectors and most likely and realistic acquirers within those sectors.
  • Packaging

    Develop and organize materials for most positive and credible presentation of client company. Supplement with strategic rationale specific to each potential acquirer.
  • Due Diligence and Valuation

    Lead the due diligence process. Develop impartial view of valuation of client company, as well as of acquirer (if consideration is stock).
  • Manage Deal Team

    Understand all aspects of transaction. Coordinate and communicate with all internal and external team members to ensure that deal is thoroughly investigated, analyzed, and vetted.
  • Negotiations and Deal Terms

    Determine most favorable deal structure, negotiate or assist in negotiating transaction, and work with attorneys to ensure terms are accurately reflected in definitive documents.
  • Presentations

    Develop presentations and communicate the transaction’s strategic and financial rationale to management, board of directors, and key investors.